An Art Experience

All live paintings:

Soul In The Machine: An Art Experience is a collaborative multimedia performance by 19 artists on DADA, created in real time, virtually and physically, for the Ethereal Summit 2019.

Soul In The Machine explores the relationship between technology and humanity.

We aim to capture the strong bonds created by artists worldwide who draw together online for a live audience in real time — an entirely virtual experience.

We will encapsulate the ephemeral nature of this experience in a handmade box.

The box

This box includes smaller boxes with meaningful objects sent by each artist by mail from around the world. It also includes a QR code that reveals the resulting digital artwork in augmented reality, and a video loop of the final art.

The event

NYC May 10 - 11
Pioneer Works Cultural Center, Brooklyn, New York.

The ethereum community meets to discuss futurism, technology, decentralization, and ethics.

The artists

The DADA Collective is made up of artists on, an online community where artists create collaborative visual conversations that are tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain.

The collective is decentralized, self-governed, and global.

Its mission is to challenge the status quo of the art world through art, collaboration, and emerging technologies.